Photos of Mikaela

If you have a favorite photo of Mikaela to share, send it to me — — along with a caption. I’ll display it on this page!

My personal favorite photo of Mikaela

My personal favorite photo of Mikaela

Mikaela checks out hotties at the beach right in front of me

Mikaela checks out hotties at the beach right in front of her husband

No hat is too nerdy for Mikaela

No hat is too nerdy for Mikaela

Mikaela fits in small places

Mikaela fits in small places


Mikaela showing off her Italian side

Mikaela scares easily

Mikaela scares easily


Mikaela has the Midas Touch

Something to do with Friends...?

Something to do with Friends…?

Looking like Inanimate Objects

(Attempting to) Mimic an Inanimate Object

Mikaela loves Peter Pan Donuts

Mikaela loves Peter Pan Donuts



Pies too

Pies too

But not as much as small cars

But not as much as things that make her feel large

& churros

& churros


I hope that’s her

Feeling Mexican

Feeling Mexican

Feeling Tired

Feeling Tired

Very Tired

Very Tired

But fueling up on popsicles

Fueling up on popsicles

Ready to take on this journey

Prepared for a journey of epic proportions

Fight like an animal

Fighting like an animal

And have more moments like this

For more moments like this

And this

And this, too


130 thoughts on “Photos of Mikaela

  1. Angie says:

    I’ve signed your petition awhile back, but received an email about t-shirts, which I’m more than happy to purchase. You two seem very happy together and so very much in love like me and my husband. Keep loving one another and be strong. I hope the best for the both of you and you guys come out as victorious winners as you fight such a strenuous battle. Be brave. You’re both in thoughts and prayers of many.

  2. Kate Golden says:

    I sponsored your petition to get the word out. We bought a tshirt and will be sharing your journey with everyone that notices! There is so much love and SO much life in these photos!! We are all behind you here in Colorado! She got this!

  3. Elizabeth Hunsader says:

    Keith & Mikaela-
    Sending you two thoughts, love, and prayers from Wisconsin! I’ll do my best to spread this petition around. You can just tell that you both share such a love for life. Just remember, God never gives you something you cannot handle with His help…He thinks you’re strong enough for this fight and I do too. Please keep us updated. *hugs*
    -Elizabeth Hunsader

  4. Janis Freitas says:

    Mikaela and Keith –
    Wishing you love and healing!
    Folsom, CA.

  5. Michelle Borowski says:

    Your story came across in my email and I just wanted to leave a message from one human to another. I cannot begin to know of your struggle and journey although I have witnessed a family member’s fight to live through cancer. It is not easy to be a part of this and I deeply sympathize with your quest. I can only say that the courage and will is so inspiring and I will continue to be more kind to others, seize the moment and seek that higher awareness in myself and in others. I will truly keep your beautiful face in my thoughts and will wish you healing and joy. Best of luck and happiness.

  6. Kim says:

    Have you contacted Access Solutions at Genentech? That’s the group at Genentech that offers patient assistance.

  7. Diane Green says:

    I have lost too many of my family to this horrid disease and you are both in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, so hold your head high. May Heavenly Father Guard, Guide, Bless and Protect you always. Love from the UK

  8. Ann says:

    Mikaela and Keith, I am a 10 yr cancer survivor and feel blessed that I have had no recurrence of my breast cancer because I was helped by a drug from Genentech called Herceptin. I feel that it saved my life. THAT is why I am signing your petition. Clinical trials for this drug were stopped in 2004 because the response to the drug was so dramatic, they wanted to make it available to all those that could benefit. I pray that will happen for you. Never stop believing that there is something that may help. I am praying for you.

  9. Seth Campbell says:

    Mikaela and Keith, I do not know either of you but I saw and signed your petition because your story touched me like the over 400,000 others who have signed it. AMAZING! In troubling times it is nice to know there are truly good people in the world and your petition is a testament to that. Your pictures above show your love and passion for life and others who surround you and that right there is enough to feel sorrow for the challenges you face but also happiness to know that you are still fighting the fight and bringing joy into the world! Keep your chin up and charge forward. You have an army of people trying to help in what ever way we can… much love to you both from the east coast of the United States!

  10. Cody Lister says:

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I signed your petition with the hope that Mikaela will receive the treatment that could ultimately save her life. She is very beautiful and you two appear to have a deeply loving and meaningful relationship. I hope beyond all else that you two get to realize all your dreams and goals in life together. ~Cody

  11. Khelsi says:

    Your story came into my email tonight! I can not stop sobbing, I can not imagin the pain and how scared you all are, I wish I could just give you a huge hug and tell you everything is going to be at okay but the next best thing is to sign the Petition and that’s what I did xoxo it’s the night before Easter and I’m praying for not just my family but for you beautiful girl for you and your husband your friends,your family,your health I’m praying for you<3 xoxo praying you get the treatments you need to give you a chance! God bless you xoxo speedy recovery

  12. Jennifer says:

    I am thinking of you guy in Buffalo, My mom died from a second bout of breast cancer five years ago when I was 31 years old and we ran out of options too. One saying my mom always said was Cancer will never win and it brings the family together in the fight. Keep fighting!!! You will win!!!!

  13. Jennifer Bracy says:

    Keith and Mikaela; My name is Jennifer and I’m a born-again Christian. God has the power to heal Mikaela. Many overlook this option, but when earthly doctors fail, God is the Great Physician. Seek Him and hold to His hand, and He will give you immesurable peace in the midst of this storm. I just prayed for you guys and will continue to do so. Don’t give up!

  14. HAPPY EASTER to you Both!

    I’m Author, Catherine Lyon and just coming by to show you LUV & Support!! I shared your story with all my Blog, Writer, and Author friends in a *SPECIAL* Blog Post just for You!! I know it’s not much, but please let me know if I can be of any other help to you 🙂
    I know you GOT THIS GIRL!! TODAY, It’s all about You Xo 🙂

    Hugs and Blessings,
    *Cat Lyon* 🙂

  15. Christine Salewicz says:

    I signed your petition a while back and am just looking over these pictures of your beautiful wife. You are an amazing couple! Please know that you are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Yainary says:

    Declaro que Dios te devuelve tu salud! Que toda enfermedad que se alojo en ti tendra que desprenderse! Te declaro sana en el nombre de Jesus! Estaras en mis oraciones! Se fuerte!
    Te bendigo desde Puerto Rico!

  17. Karen Hopkins says:

    Dear Mikaela & Keith, I’m so very sorry that the drug companies couldn’t try the treatment to see if it would work. I did sign your petition. I shared it and urged others to do the same. I donated to share the campaign. I’m very sad that more couldn’t be done for you… Mikela your a Beautiful person! What you had to go through will not be in vain. Because I’m sure that all your fight will help in the short future to help someone else in need. I’m Praying for you, the Awesome Husband/Best Friend you have next to you & your Family & Friends. The Lord will with you on your next Journey, free of pain and suffering. It’s been a pleasure following your story and your True Love Story with Keith :). Blessings and Love to you all.

  18. Erin Grace Piver says:

    You both are so very strong. I am praying for you. I signed your petition. I will forward it to those I know. I can’t imagine your struggle. Sometimes life takes you out at the knees. But it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, all that matters is that you keep getting up. One of my favorite quotes may help you through…”We shall draw from the very heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival…Never, never, never give up.” -Winston Churchill

  19. Jan Jones says:

    I am very heartbroken, for your struggle and for the lack of response from the drug company. You are so very, very beautiful Mikaela. I was hoping the email I received was better news. Your story and your love for each other has touched me. I will never forget you. I will continue to pray for you and your family, please remember to pray for us too. God bless you and keep you.

  20. Sally S says:

    Dear Keith and Mikaela. Today I read your update re the failure of the drug co to allow the treatment needed for you. Iam so sorry to hear this is still unattainable for you and that hospice has now become a necessary plan of care. I too signed your petition some time ago. I wish I knew other avenues to pursue or at least a knowledgable resource to explore. I admire you both for your unending courage and energy in fighting this horrible disease that reeks such devastation to families young and old alike. Please know you are in our thoughts for peace and comfort and our prayers as you face each day forward. Your wonderful love will be a comfort to you , I feel sure. Love and courage to continue your fight, Sally S

  21. April Gillis says:

    I am so sick to my stomach to learn that the damn drug companies will not give Milaeka the medicine that she needs to get better because they are so rich from people like you that really need their medicine to survive but yet they won’t give Milaeka the medicine that she needs free of charge I really think that should be a law that when a patient is that sick & they can afford the medicine they need to live they should just give it to them free of charge. I hope you guys get a miracle before it’s to late & I will be praying extremely hard for you & Milaeka & I will pray that the damn drug company grows a heart & help Milaeka with the drug for free. It so not fair that they literally have Milaeka’s life in their hands & they are not doing anything do help save her life. I sure hope that one day they have a family member that needs the same drug & they don’t have the money to pay for it and the company does the same thing to them to see how they feel. I’m praying so hard for you & Milaeka & that she is pain free & very comfortable until she sees the good Lord above. Milaeka is so brave & she doesn’t deserve to be going through this.

    April Gillis

  22. Josh says:

    Im so sorry … She will always be in our memories. I couldnt imagine watching such a beautiful person wither away right there in front of are a strong man for that.
    I have the utmost respect for u and family.
    Im not good at writing stuff but i really. Feelfor you man. I was moved enough to feel it was time to say somthing..
    Be there for her. Let her know u love her. Just hold heruntill you cant hold her anymore.
    Im going to go give my wife a big hug right now.
    Shes prolly gonna yell at me and ask what am i doing..
    But who cares.

    But life is a fragile thing.. Tomorow is never promised.
    Live life to the max. .

  23. Devin Jackson says:

    Keith and Mikalea,
    My wife and I went through a fight with Stage 4 cancer four years ago; I pray for you both, for peace from our Heavenly Father, and strength to endure it. As the patient, I can not tell you the incredible love I felt from her holding my hand, encouraging me, and reminding me how much she loved me. As we lift you up in prayer, know that God hears those prayers & knew these days would be here. That is why He sent Jesus to take away our sins, and make things right for us;
    As I learned from a friend with ALS “Gid has healed me, one way or the other, I’ll be fine”
    God has healed us all, one way or another.
    Continue to love one another, be uplifted in prayer, hold hands, and trust in Him;
    He has this!

  24. Imelda says:

    She is very brave. I admire both of you for your coyrage.I will pray for strenght and accEptance

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