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Saturday Update #1

I’m going to start doing an update every Saturday morning, with news about Mikaela’s health, progress on the #WEGOTTHIS campaign, and a list of help requests for the week. I will share it to our Facebook page, but you can also subscribe to updates to our blog by clicking the “Follow She Got This” button at the bottom-left of this page.  – Keith

First, a health update: the discharge paperwork has been filed, and Mikaela is slated to come back home today! I can’t tell you how excited I am to wake up next to her tomorrow morning.

You might not see many posts from me over the weekend, as I’m going to be focusing on getting Mikaela settled back in to home life & a restorative diet, so I want to fill you in on the plans for next week & how you can help out.

First of all, thanks to your suggestions we’ve identified a couple more anti-PD-1 Phase I clinical trials to explore. We’re targeting firm responses on each of them by Friday, and we’ll definitely keep you posted.

We are choosing to be optimistic about these new trials, but our continued rejections from every clinical trial we contact make it clear that we need to keep forging ahead on the compassionate use front. Further, Mikaela’s health is in such a state that we don’t have time to put compassionate use on the back-burner.

To that end, we’ll be working with to plan a day in the near future to personally deliver our massive number of petitions directly to the pharmaceutical companies. This is where YOU come in: Over the next week, while we are exploring these clinical trials, we need our community to grow significantly. A quarter-million signatures is very strong, but I want so many petitions that we need other people to help us carry the boxes full of them when we drop them off.

Request: Expanding the #WEGOTTHIS Community
I know most of you have pushed this to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and that’s helped us get to this point; however, Mikaela & I need you to find some time in the next week to get this story in front of the eyes of everyone in your local community. Push our media kit to your local media; ask your school, church, office, professional sports team, student group, etc. for the opportunity to speak and share our story and the link to the petition (; make sure every member of your family has signed; and reach out to celebrities/athletes on Twitter to get them involved. I don’t have a firm number that we need to reach to consider this week a success, but 500,000 by next Friday would leave us in a very strong position if we were to be rejected from all these Phase I trials. I am available for any and all media opportunities, so please put any contacts you have or make in touch with me — contact info available on the media page.

Next week, we’ll have more details about the petition deliveries, including an invite for you to participate. The HQs of these pharmaceutical companies are in NYC/NJ & South San Francisco, so if you’re in the area we’d love to have you join us for this significant day. But that’s next week…for now, let’s ramp up the recruitment effort, and drive our numbers further!


With love from Keith & Mikaela in rainy Folsom, CA.