Delivering Petitions This Week!

We are planning on delivering our 400k+ petitions to Merck this week. We will have more details and ways to help out in the near future, but for now it’d be great if you could help us afford last-minute cross-country flights for Mikaela’s sister & I by RTing these posts:


Excited for the week ahead. Thankful for your support — Keith


5 thoughts on “Delivering Petitions This Week!

  1. Aimee Worley says:

    I RT’d, G+ and FB. I am sharing with everyone I know. Good luck to you and much love! Also, I am subscribed and keep updated on this, let me know anything I can do to help xoxoxo

  2. Shea Scheuer says:

    Hi Keith!

    So do I find it on your Twitter page and just click “retweet”? Thank you!

    Blessings, Shea

  3. says:

    Good luck Keith! I just tweeted!!!! Im green at it but I was able to figure it out! Blessings, Susie Bealeton VA

    PS. Mikaela stay strong, #WeGotThis!!!!! :).

  4. celeste says:

    I signed your petition and wanted to let you know of some resources that could give you all the info you need to save her life. If you haven’t already, please visit Kris is thriving (for the past 11 yrs) with an incurable cancer because of the simple, yet drastic lifestyle changes she made after her diagnosis and then educating herself. Also, visit The founders saved their father’s life–by doing the same thing Kris Carr does–using food as medicine. God Bless.

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