For the Givers

We’re nearing 100,000 signatures on our petition! We want to say welcome to all of the new members of the #wegotthis team who joined today — amazing! We heard from our state assemblywoman’s office today, and they’ll be discussing how they can help us during their staff meeting tomorrow!

Since we launched this campaign last Friday, we’ve been receiving hundreds of requests for us to get a PO Box so that people can send money to help us with expenses. It’s great living in such a giving world, but Mikaela’s insurance has been great and we’re staying with my parents so we don’t really need any help right now with day-to-day expenses.

Today, we received a very wise recommendation: testing the genetics of Mikaela’s cancer so that we can explore therapies targeted specifically to her. Our insurance does not cover this, and it is quite expensive, so I’m thinking that this would be the best way for the givers out there to help us to give Mikaela a chance against cancer.

I set up a fundraising page which can be accessed here:

We appreciate any size donation, and we in no way require a donation to be part of the #wegotthis team. We love you guys, and we’re excited to be able to get this genetic testing done ASAP with your help!

With appreciation on an amazingly lazy Sunday,


12 thoughts on “For the Givers

  1. Jamie says:

    I know how silly I will sound asking if a donated kidney will help her, but is there a possibility?

  2. Mary Bissell says:

    Hi, I signed your petition. I thought I’d share some things.

    I know about battling grim illnesses. I got over mine when few thought I would. One tip I have is how to deal with horrible pain. I had read that listening to your favorite music can help, so I was doing that. Then I noticed that when certain voices would sing, the pain would completely go away. The Voices for me were Colin Firth’s in Mamma Mia (probably because he’s my favorite actor), and Aaron Tveit’s and Russell Crowe’s in Les Miserables. It was amazing. I also used Mr. Tveit to help myself move when I was feeling zapped. I’d watch a youtube vid of him waving the flag in the first Do You Hear the People Sing number, and that would inspire me to get up. I also read that dark chocolate helps with pain. I haven’t noticed it myself, but it certainly helps in general!

    Also, don’t be afraid to try natural treatments. I had kidney stones for a few years, and two procedures didn’t help. Then I tried an old herbal remedy called chanca piedra. An ultrasound two weeks later showed that the stones may have shrank, and shortly after that I was pain free.

    I read that Mexico offers natural and cheaper care for kidney cancer. Here’s an article about one place, written by a cancer survivor: She has other tips as well. It sounds a bit too good to be true, but I’m certainly proof that the impossible can happen.

    Here’s a page on dealing with kidney cancer: They mention that one can get the same treatment in our natural clinics as in the Mexican ones.

    I hope this helps.

    Sincerely, Mary

  3. Sabine says:

    Mikaela, I just saw your picture and I just want to tell you how beautiful you are, with or without hair! I wish you luck, strength and access to the best doctors and treatments. I wish you to have kids someday and see them growing old.

  4. Harel Fedida says:

    I hope you’re open to what others might have to say! 🙂 Mary has some good points, ^ especially when she speaks of organic/natural/herbal medicine.
    A couple months ago I lost my grandfather to cancer and had come across Rick Simpson’s HEMP oil when it was too late.
    If you have not heard of Rick Simpson’s HEMP Oil, then i highly suggest you look into it and also watch the documentary Run From The Cure: Rick Simpson’s story.
    Please watch it and learn. I say this out of love.
    here is a good link:

  5. Olivia Frison says:

    There are so many people out there who can offer advice to you during this hard time. Keep it all in stride and go with your doctor’s advice. My heart goes out to you. I experienced a similar situation with my lovely daughter who was in need of a new liver last year. She was so sick and it didn’t seem that she would ever get a compatible liver. She could not receive a piece from a family member because her biliary tree was so damaged from tumors, even a resection would not work. The doctors finally transplanted her with a not so perfect liver in order to buy her time while the search continued for a more compatible one. My heart was in pieces for a entire year. The stress was overwhelming and I constantly felt sick to my stomach with the thought of losing her. Keith, I understand your pain and my prayers go out for you and Mikaela that one of the pharmaceutical companies will step up to the plate and help keep the beauty in the two of you alive. Together, we can do this! Lots of love to you both.

  6. Anna Waters says:

    Hi Keith, This is the website I was talking about yesterday… : You can look up anything there. Still praying for you both! – Anna

  7. Kimberly Bailey says:

    Kieth & Mikaela,
    I admirer your strength,courage, & persistence.I must keep this brief so my anger over your situation doesn’t draw away from my message to you both. I did sign your petition & wish that a better outcome would’ve arrived from doing so. Thank you both for sharing your very personal s tory with the world. You are both so lucky to have such an amazing love & life together.Both the best & worst. I’m saying this from a place of experience,I am also ill & know what denial of simple help can do to all involved. My heart & best wishes are w/ you & Mikaela.
    Kimberly Bailey

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