Time to Get Mikaela’s Congressman Involved

**Before you read this, be sure that you’ve read the media kit.**

Ami Bera is in his first term as our local House representative here in Sacramento. Congressman Bera could be a great asset for us to work with to rally support for the cause; however, to make this happen we need to make it clear that many of his constituents demand this action.

Please call Ami Bera’s district office at (916) 635-0505, and ask to speak with his District Director, Faith Whitmore. If she’s not available, leave a message.

If you’re too busy to call, please consider contacting via Facebook or Twitter.

Talking points:

  • Mikaela Knapp is a 25 y/o lifelong Sacramento-area resident fighting a rare type of kidney cancer and has exhausted all FDA-approved options for treatment.
  • Mikaela is seeking access to Merck’s lambrolizumab, a breakthrough anti-PD-1 immunotherapy that is currently only available in clinical trials. In previous trials, lambrolizumab has demonstrated unprecedented success at treating kidney cancer, completely curing several individuals who would have been doomed to die otherwise.
  • Mikaela has sought a place in many clinical trials offering lambrolizumab or similar anti-PD-1 drugs, but has been deemed ineligible each time. Because the exclusionary criteria for clinical trials of this immunotherapy seem to be the same across all trials, Mikaela is losing hope in finding a clinical trial that will accept her and needs help urgently to find a way to be treated with this immunotherapy.
  • Ask that Congressman Bera work on our behalf with Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, or Genentech to firm up a single patient access compassionate use agreement ASAP. As a former physician, Congreesman Bera is especially capable of handling this.
  • Ask that Congressman Bera’s office help spread our petition locally and request that they arrange a meeting with Mikaela’s husband (Keith) as soon as possible, because the cancer continues to spread while Mikaela isn’t receiving any treatment.

916 6738274


2 thoughts on “Time to Get Mikaela’s Congressman Involved

  1. parentsof10 says:

    As a caregiver, I know exactly what you’re going through. Extended use been approved for anti-pd-1 for several cancers, including melanoma and lung cancers, so you probably stand a good chance of getting the compassionate use doses. I think earlier in the clinical trials this wasn’t offered, so as not to skew results.

    We’re in the same fight with my husband’s melanoma – but it will be a few months until it begins, and his current therapy must be failing before they will allow him on anti-PD-1 therapy, assuming the extended use has begun by then.

    The good news is that there’s a big race going on with big pharma for this form of immunotherapy. While Merck is anticipated to get there first, it will soon be followed by several other pharma companies.

    With any luck, both of our spouses will get this life-saving drug. While it is not effective with everyone, when it does work, it seems its effects are durable, at minimum.

    All the best to you and your wife.

  2. diane says:

    You keep fighting!!!

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