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[Update: The Media Kit is now live.]

[Update 2: Please get in touch with your local media today! Contact Karen Blondell (karen.blondell@gmail.com) for a template and resources for finding the contact information you need. Do it ASAP so we can get more press interested in advance of our debut on local news here in Sacramento tonight! I’ll be sharing the footage from that interview once it’s posted online. If you’re local, tune in to Channel 10 News at 5, 6, 11, or tomorrow morning when we’ll be the featured story. Thanks so much!]

We have crafted a media plan with the help of many of our followers from Mikaela’s PR days. We launch tomorrow with an interview on News 10 here in Sacramento, and from that interview we’ll be culling a great deal of content to make a massive nationwide push for Mikaela to receive single patient access to these immunotherapies. (If you haven’t signed & shared our petition yet, please do so now!)

We need YOU to volunteer to push the message to local news stations in your city. [Update: We have a great number of sign-ups on both coasts, so if you’re based there please consider taking on another city in Middle America or the South in addition to your local contacts. They need to be a part of this as well!]¬†Please sign up below & leave a comment with your name, email, Twitter handle, and target city/cities to receive our media kit. I will keep the comments private so your information will not be shared. ¬† I’ll be sending out the media kits this evening via email & I’ll put together a list on Twitter as well.

[Update: I’ve received several inquiries from our new friends in other countries, so I’m adding some global cities outside the US as well. I added an “other” option if yours isn’t listed.]

Thank you for your help. This is our most significant request yet. Mikaela is still in the hospital, but excited about the outlook.

Please consider sharing the link to this page via Facebook or Twitter to help us reach more allies! Here’s a link to my tweet about it — just hit the RT button!

Doing well today!

Doing well today!

Thanks for being a part of #mikaelasarmy — all you’ve done, continue to do, and will do in the coming week to give her a chance at living beyond 25.


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